What is Social Media Management?

Social Media Management is a service provided either by a marketing agency that includes weekly posts on major sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Depending on your needs and/or budget, it may also include services such as graphic design, copywriting, daily page monitoring and engagement (replying to comments, likes, etc.), and monthly reporting.

Because social media use continues to grow with no signs of slowing down anytime soon, businesses find themselves in need of help managing the ever increasing work load. The task of generating valuable and engaging content on a weekly basis has become a second full-time job and tends to fall to the back of the line in terms of importance.

Unfortunately, many business owners find themselves drowning in a sea of how to create content, when to post it, and how to keep up with all the questions and messages from customers.

This often leads to a huge lack of engagement and a ghost town type feeling to their pages which can actually hurt your online presence. According to Google, more than 90% of customers visit a businesses social media before making a purchase. That's a huge number and should really drive home the importance of being "social" with your business.

The Fork in the Road

At some point you have two options, spend your nights planning, creating and scheduling your posts for social media hoping that it keeps you out front or hire professionals to do it for you. Like anything, you have to really feel the pain of it before it makes sense.

That's why social media management has become such a integral part of most business' marketing budget. Not only does it free up time but the results are typically way better. Below is an actual screenshot from a client's Facebook Insights after working with us for only one month.

The reason for this type of growth is simple. We know what we're doing. We do it every day and take pride in our ability to move the needle for our clients.

The test of any marketing is it's ability to attract attention. Simply put, more eyeballs on your business means more money in your pocket!

Literally at the time of writing this post our client texted me this message...

"Heath and I have been singing "Blue Door Praises" to everyone. Even our lawn guy is considering contacting you. Your talent and professionalism have exceeded our expectations."

Here are some of the posts we've designed for them so far.

Why Social Media Management

Some of the benefits that come from outsourcing your social media management are:

  • More time to focus on what you do best

  • Major SEO boost from consistent fresh content

  • Keep your customers engaged with your business

  • Way better customer service (No more delayed responses)

  • Brand awareness

  • More traffic to your website

At some point every business must consider the cost/benefit of outsourcing certain aspects of their business. For instance, when we were just getting started I did all the books (because every business owner knows that you wear all the hats in the beginning) but we soon reached a point where it made more sense to outsource that to professionals who could not only do a better job, but save us much money in the long run.

Imagine the amount of time you might spend trying to do what a professional could do for you. Even if it were just 5 hours per week, if you're like me you might consider your time priceless, but to put a number on it let's just say that an hour of your time is worth $100.

If you spend 5 hours a week minimum trying to come up with ideas, create content and schedule post you're already at $500/week!

Now, imagine investing less than a $150/week to have a talented group of professionals manage all of that for you. You literally can't afford NOT to outsource it!

What You Get

Here's a snapshot of what Social Media Management looks like when you hire us:

Custom Social Media Strategy for each month

Our team of experts create a goal based strategy designed to increase customer engagement, reach and website traffic.

Custom Posts Calendar

We'll create a custom post calendar for your business every month based on your social media strategy. This calendar guides our content creation and daily post schedule.

Graphic Design for posts

Each month our talented designers produce branded high-quality content for your business' social media based on your current branding. Each graphic is tailor made for your strategy and post calendar.

Well Written Posts

By far one of the most time consuming aspects of social media is writing posts. Not anymore! Each post is well thought out, grammatically sound and written with excellence using the most relevant tags, emojis and hashtags for your business.

Monthly/Quarterly analytics reports

Reports are one of the most effective ways we help our clients stay on course. With the insights we gather our experts can monitor your progress, make content adjustments and keep your business out front.

Unlimited Engagement

Every weekday we monitor your pages activity including likes, follows, comments and messages. We answer questions, reply and interact with your audience and invite people to like your page.

How to Get Started

If you're ready to take the next step with Social Media Management, you have two easy options:

1) Give us a call at 866.399.0583

2) Schedule a free consultation here

From all of us here at Blue Door Social, we wish you all the best!












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